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Steel Roofing for Commercial Property:

Nov 15

Steel Roofing for Commercial Property:

It is difficult to keep your commercial property in good shape and protect your investment. Metal roofing solutions may be the right decision to save money while increasing the value of your property. It can be industrial (like warehouses), Portland Oregon commercial roofing (like office buildings), or residential (like apartment complexes).


  • Metal roofing can help save you money on your electricity bills.


Your energy bills seem to go up every year. A poorly insulated roof will increase your energy use. You can save energy by installing stone-coated roofing steel on your business roof or commercial residence roof.


Stone-coated steel roofing can be installed in large panels which are laid over a strong plywood floor, much like shingles. The panels create a pocket of air between them, which adds insulation to the structure. Additional layers, including decking underlayment (or moisture barriers), attic insulation, and a sheetrock roof, keep warm air in the building and out of winter.


If you prevent warm air from getting through your roof, your home will stay at a constant temperature and your heating costs will drop. The insulation properties that metal roofs provide are especially helpful in the summer. This will allow you to keep a cool, conditioned atmosphere from leaking out your business structures.


Steel roofing, aside from providing insulation, can naturally lower the indoor temperature of buildings in the summer months. The sun's rays are reflected from the roof onto the surrounding environment. A common myth is that metal roofing will make buildings hotter by absorbing heat. But metal roofing actually reflects heat as opposed to absorbing it like black asphalt. This type of roofing permits much less heat to enter the structure. Stone-coated steel roofs also protect your roof from the harmful effects of UV light.

  • Metal roofing can be a cost-saving option.


Metal roofs provide a secure way to keep your home safe. Metal roofs can suffer from damage due to extreme weather, like hail, high winds, or heavy snow. It protects against moisture and helps to prevent mold, mildew, and other damage. You can save money on maintenance by having less to maintain.


A metal roof is more resistant to lightning strikes than a traditional roof. Metal is inflammable material. A metal roof is a durable, long-lasting, and fire-resistant roofing option that many insurers offer premium discounts for.


  • A metal roof is a great long-term investment


Steel roofs can last for 40 to 70 years and are covered with a fifty-year warranty. Asphalt shingles require renewal every 20 years. You will save money and reduce waste. Your property's resale values can be increased by having a longer life span. If you're looking to invest in commercial property in a new area, a metal roof could be an excellent choice.


The value of a capital improvement like a roof replacement will be treated as an asset capital for tax purposes. This increases your home's value while also allowing for you to deduct the cost as time goes by. Ask your tax or accounting advisors for advice on how to best utilize your capital expense funds and whether a steel roof is the best long-term option.


  • Are you a suitable candidate for a Stone-Coated Steel Roof


Hedrick Construction's experts can assess your needs and recommend the best metal or stone-coated roofing option for your business. Get a free quote to replace your Des Moines roof with EMCO Steel roofing or other high-quality stone-coated metal roofing systems. Contact our roofing experts.


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