18-year-old charged with attempted police murders in NYC shootings; NYPD fires back 31 shots – NBC New York

An 18-year-old man from Manhattan was charged with attempted murder and other charges for allegedly shooting an NYPD sergeant and two officers during a graffiti stop last month, Bronx prosecutors said Tuesday.

Messiah Nantwi is also accused of criminal use of firearms, criminal possession of a gun and a firearm, threat to a police officer, obstruction, resistance to arrest and possession of graffiti instruments in the case of February 21.

According to the investigation, uniformed NYPD officers were trying to stop Nantwi and another person when they saw them carrying aerosol cans around 12:30 p.m. that day. The nameless person ran away while Nantwi was arrested.

During the arrest, Nantwi allegedly took out a 22-caliber pistol and fired three shots at the sergeant and two officers, who in turn fired 31 shots at him, prosecutors say. Nantwi was hit several times. No officers were injured.

Nantwi remains in the hospital because of his injuries. The bail was set at $ 500,000 earlier this week following his indictment. He will be on trial again in mid-April. Legal information for Nantwi was not immediately available.

The defendant allegedly defied arrest and shot an NYPD sergeant and two NYPD officers. The cops were not injured, but the 18-year-old defendant was
shot when they returned fire. Fortunately, no one died that day, “Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said in a statement.” It’s a vivid reminder of the importance of getting guns off the street, because even a seemingly inconspicuous encounter can result in gunshots. “

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